Demonetization and the opportunities for online sales

January 12, 2017

Demonetizing 500 and 1000 Rupee notes and all the strict restrictions implemented by the Indian Government has caused a lot of problem for people and businesses all over the country. While most of them see it as a trouble, we at Streetbell see it as a great opportunity for businesses to go catch the online wave to grow. Cash is hard to find in banks and ATM machines now. With the little amount allowed to be drawn per day, people do not want to spend their cash for even the least purchase amount. This is the time for all businesses and shops to bring their store online and let their customers pay online. Businesses that ignore this fact will see themselves left behind to wait for the economy to turn around like before. Which we think is not going to happen any soon, even if it happens at all. We at Streetbell provide a complete suit of features to help stores bring their business online and start selling and accepting orders from day one.