The Product Miles of Your Purchase

January 12, 2017

You must have heard of food miles. It is the distance, food is transported from the point where it is produced till the point where it is consumed. And that miles are always travelled by using fossil fuels which has a huge impact on global warming. But why only talk about food. What about the other daily consumables that we buy. That is why at we have coined a new term called “Product Miles”. Product miles is the distance a product is transported, from the point of its production or sales to the point of its end consumption. Our goal is to help everyone to reduce their carbon foot print in not only food but all the categories of products we buy. That is why we are working hard on brining more and more local shops, sellers and producers online for you to be able to buy easily around where you live. We are all responsible to reduce our individual carbon foot print. Your every purchase on streetbell is one step you take towards a cleaner, greener and more sustainable world. Also write to us if you don’t find any shop around your locality, we will bring those sellers on board