Yellowmanjal pumpkin (manjal pusani)

Horticorp Trivandrum Unit

Yellow pumpkin is a plump and nutritious vegetable. But scientifically, it is a fruit. Over 94% of its content is water – so, it helps in dehydration. It is versatile and filling. The seeds of pumpkin are edible too. Pumpkin is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is rich in vitamin A - one good sized pumpkin has nearly 250% of vitamin A that our body needs in a day. Hence, the vegetable helps us fight infections, viruses, and other communicable diseases. The minerals of pumpkin can destroy harmful bacteria, and boost immunity. Pumpkin does not give us fat. It is a rich source of vitamin C and fibre – hence, good for heart health. Vitamin C is good also for skin health. It is a low calorie food – it has just 50 calories per serving. But helps us curb the craving for food. It is good for blood pressure – thanks to the potassium content. Pumpkin has antioxidants and an enormous amount of beta-carotene. These components prevent degenerative damage to eyes.

Rs. 30 /1 nos

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