Arai keerai

Horticorp Trivandrum Unit

Arai Keerai is one of the spinach varieties. Its botanical name is Amaranthus Aristis. It is also known as Tricolor Amaranthus. It is a leafy vegetable – the facing side of leaf is green but its back side has tints of light red. Almost all parts – including seeds - of the plant is edible and nutritious. Arai keerai is good source of iron and zinc. It increases body heat and hence is good to prevent cold and cough. Full of digestive fibre, arai keerai is extremely effective in curing many gastric, digestion and constipation problems. It is good for diabetic patients. The high availability of digestive protein in arai keerai makes it a good way to increase the count of red blood cells. It is also a blood purifier. Arai keerai also increases the production of collagen. Ayurveda recommends arai keerai for people who have vata imbalances. Arai keerai strengthens body’s immunity system – and is highly prescribed for pregnant women. Arai keerai induces hair growth and calms the nervous system.

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